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CIS Marine Surveyors Ltd conduct cargo and marine condition independent inspections, surveys and tally services. The wide range of services we provide includes the following:

  • Pre-Loading Inspection
  • It is the inspection of cargo condition or cargo storing place before loading. As a rule, the interested party appoints a surveying company to perform independent preloading inspection of the cargo to be loaded in order to avoid alleged claims concerning cargo condition and to have exact description of cargo's visual condition in cargo documents ( namely, Bills of Lading and Mate's Receipts).
    Our Company conducts preloading inspection of both bulk and general cargoes. On survey completion we give comprehensive and objective explanations concerning any visible damages of the cargo, physical defects etc. that could be considered by the third parties as transportation faults.

  • Loading/Discharging Surveys
  • The participants of the process of shipping, are often interested in constant cargo operations control to prevent possible losses arising due to inaccurate work of dockers, plundering or improper stowage and securing of the cargo.
    Surveyors are also appointed to inspect cargo lashing inside the holds. In this case the surveyor must verify the complience of cargo lashing with international and local requirements and rules, as well as confirm undertaking precaution measures necessary for safe transportation of the cargo.
    Our Surveyors are competent enough to take part if necessary in solving the problems of cargo stowing and any other controversial matters arising in the process of loading.
    Discharging surveys are performed for description of the cargo at the place of destination. It is often necessary to make independent evidence of the character and extent of damages as well as determine their probable cause for the client to assert/decline claim or to restrict their responsibility for damages.

  • Draught Surveys
  • The draught survey determines, by measurement, the vessel's displacement before and after loading or discharging in order to calculate weight of the cargo.Our company has wide experience in performance of draught surveys in the ports of Azov-Black Sea Region.

  • Deadweght Survey
  • Sometimes (when initial draught survey has not been performed), the conflict in respect of total weight of loaded cargo may arise upon loading completion. Under certain circumstances all parties involved in this conflict may have no choice but be restricted to carry out a deadweight survey. This method will give opportunity to determine the approximate weight of cargo on board.

  • Tally Counting
  • Usually, the only way to determine quantity of piece goods is tally of cargo while discharging or loading. We have a staff of tallymen who perform professional tally of all types of cargo. In the process of tally we provide our client with daily tally reports, containing quantitative data and manifested weight of the cargo. On completion of cargo operations we issue final daily tally report and summary tally report.

  • Sampling
  • We provide all types of sampling both of bulk cargo and liquid products. We also provide sampling of the fuel in the process of bunkering. Sampling is performed both on board the vessel and at the pier/fueler. Analyses of samples are performed in certified laboratories.

  • Ullage Surveys
  • Ullage survey in vessel's cargo tanks is a conventional method of determination of the quantity of liquid cargoes. The surveyor measures the level of liquid in a tank up to its agreed final ullage using trim and list correction tables in the ship's tank calibration book and, thus, determines the quantity of the cargo loaded/discharging.

  • Bunker Survey
  • To determine the quantity of fuel on board, the surveyor performs bunker survey. It is provided by means of sounding the level of fuel in fuel tanks. The bunker surveys are often performed in conjunction with on/off-hire surveys. The interested parties are usually Shipowners and/or Time Charterers of the vessel.

  • Condition Survey
  • This survey is an evidence of the actual condition of the vessel and its equipment at the moment of inspection.
    In case of appointing this kind of inspection by Insurance Companies and P&I Clubs, primary attention is paid to compliance of vessel's condition and safety with international and local standards.
    If this kind of inspection is appointed by Shipowners and Charterers the main attention is given to technical condition of the vessel, cargo gear, cargo holds and vessel's constructions.
    Prospective purchaser, while appointing condition survey, pays his attention to actual condition of the vessel, for him to make a decision concerning compliance of the vessel with her certification and prospectives of her further operation.

  • Weathertightness Test
  • On completing hatch covers repairing or before shippping of water-sensitive cargo, to ensure that vessel's hatch covers and other weather deck openings are watertight, shipowners or other parties appoint a surveyor to conduct weathertightness test. Thus, a hose test or ultrasonic watertightness analysis should be done in order to find out whether the hatch covers are watertight.
    "CIS MARINE SURVEYORS LTD" provides customers with both tests, issues a watertightness test certificate, and gives respective recommendations.

  • Damage Survey
  • This kind of inspection is necessary in case when vessel's equipment comes out of order or, in the process of operating, the vessel gets damages to construction (collisions to other vessels or to piers, stevedores' negligent work, etc)
    Having among the company's employeers qualified specialists we are able to perform this kind of inspection on a high level.

  • Repairing support
  • Highly-qualified specialists of our company are ready to support you in monitoring repair works. Beginning with the moment of working out of repair statement, inspection for likely defects of construction, evaluation of the extent of the damages and the cost of repair works our surveyors monitor the process of repair work on behalf of the Customer up to issuing the necessary documents confirming seaworthiness of the vessel.

  • Consultancy services.
  • The high level of professionalism, profound high marine and legal education, skills and local knowledge allow our specialists to perform a wide range of consultancy services in the sphere of shipping.

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